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Bridesmaid dress shopping is one of the biggest parts of planning a wedding that can be either fun or very stressful. We created bridesmaid dresses 101 to help you create a fun time with you and your friends in making the bridesmaid dress shopping much easier. This is when you and your friends should be having the time of your life with many great memories.

Bridesmaid dressesWe have created different sections on bridesmaid dresses 101 to give you the most in finding the right bridesmaid dress all the way to you and your friends wearing them at the big day! Our first section goes over current bridesmaid dress styles and trends so you know what is hip for this season's look! Bridesmaid dress etiquette will discuss the do's and don'ts of choosing the right bridesmaid dress. Our dress advice section will help answer those common questions that stress out most brides-to-be. It is our job to help you stay calm and have a great time choosing your bridesmaid dress of choice!

Bridesmaid dressOur bridesmaid dress timeline section will help you plan when to shop, purchase, fit, and pick up the dresses, saving you time and your sanity! Our ugly bridesmaid dress section pokes fun at the most hideous gowns that were actually used (I hope none of the brides that have these dresses see this section!)

We finish our site with a great glossary of bridesmaid dress terms to help you get acquainted with the bridesmaid dress styles and trends as well as some great links and resources that we highly recommend. I hope that bridesmaid dresses 101 helps you find that right dress for your friends and that you have a great time at your wedding! Remember, this is a one-time event that you want to keep very special without too much stress!

For everyone who is looking into getting bridesmaid dresses, we have some helpful tips in this section from visitors who have written in and asked us bridesmaid dress questions. We hope you find it helpful and please write into bridesmaid dresses 101 and let us know your questions or other information you feel brides can benefit from:

Bridesmaid DressBridesmaid Dresses for Fall
If you are a bridesmaid during the fall season, you are in store for some great selections for bridesmaid dresses. The hit of the town is brown with vibrant fall flower bouquets! Around Halloween, it is fun to bring in darker brown dresses with orange flowers to have an avant garde wedding. Other popular bridesmaid dresses are two tone dresses while still dressing the bride in classic white. Bring in the fall colors of Thanksgiving including earth tones with accessories such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings, as long as they don't distract from the bride to be. Other classic bridesmaid dress colors of the season are teal, red and the dark blues. Have some fun with the girls when you look for your bridesmaid dresses through magazines, stores and online! Make a pre-edding party out of shopping which is fun and a great ice-breaker for the bridesmaids to meet one another.

Make sure the bridesmaid dress material takes into consideration the Fall weather as it starts to cool down and possibly get a little windy in your area. Ask yourself the following bridesmaid dresses questions:

1) Is the wedding indoors or outside?
2) Does the material easily stain or rip?
3) How long does it take to order the bridesmaid dresses?

Leave enough time for those who are out of town and for alterations. Make sure to remind the girls to not wait until the last few days prior to picking up their bridesmaid dresses in case there needs to be more alterations.

Bridesmaid DressBridesmaid dresses question of the month
Fall Bridesmaid Dress Season
It is going to be a beautiful Fall and I would like to suggest to my great friend, the bride, that the bridesmaid dresses should be light, sleeveless and made out of cotton or a fiber that breathes. The wedding is outside and me and the bridesmaids don't want to sweat too much and ruin our bridesmaid dresses as well as be uncomfortable.

Bridesmaid dresses answer of the month
We would suggest being open and honest with the bride to be since she is a friend of yours. Bridesmaid dress styles of Fall can be open, vibrant and comfortable. Ask early for the bride's permission to help choose the right bridesmaid dress that most will be happy with.

Check out our bridesmaid dress timeline to assist you in planning the choosing and ordering of your bridesmaid dresses. Remember that Fall is a busy time for weddings so plan early on bridesmaid dress fittings!

Check out our previous bridesmaid dress questions by reading our previous Q&A's.

Be sure to let us know if you have any bridesmaid dress questions by emailing us at

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Autumn Tip

Fall is almost here and so are the vibrant and pastel colors coming back into the bridesmaid dress season. Choose a bridesmaid dress that the wedding party can wear again so you are not one of those ugly bridesmaid dresses statistics where your bridesmaids wear them out only again on Halloween.

Make sure to give yourself enough time to choose the right bridesmaid dresses as well as get input from your friends who are in the wedding as you may have different body sizes to contend with. Always think of how the dress will compliment the wedding dress of the bride so the ensemble works together for the moment (and the pictures). Choose the flowers early as well since Fall is a very busy time for everyone! Also make sure to have a wonderful time and not to stress as it is one of the most memorable moments in time for you and your friends. Check out vibrant bridesmaid dress colors as well as those that are semi-sheer, sleeveless, as well as pastel blues, reds, pinks and teals. Fall is a great time to get a bridesmaid dress!


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We want to wish all of you brides and bridesmaids looking for bridesmaid dresses congratulations and have a happy, healthy and successful 2014!

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