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Personal loan without Private credit information: the best provider?

Personal loan without Schufa

Who has a Private credit entry and a negative credit rating, who has no good chances to get a loan. One possible solution is the use of a personal loan, which is conveyed through various platforms.

  • Good conditions from private to private
  • Flexible terms
  • Flexible amounts

The alternatives to a personal loan: microcreditors & pawn shops

The alternatives to a personal loan: microcreditors & pawn shops

Personal loans have become increasingly established in recent years. Especially those who have a liquidity problem and at the same time a Private credit entry can benefit from this opportunity. But there are also alternatives for those who do not get warm with personal loans.

The microcredit providers, such as ExpressCredit and Neofunding, specialize in arranging loans up to an amount of 600 euros. For a short period of 15 to 30 days, the microcredit could be used to bridge financial problems until the next salary payment. The advantage of this is that the terms are kept very short and so the debt can not accumulate over a long time. However, those who need a higher amount have no chance with the micro-lenders.

Similar to a loan, the online pawn shop works. In this case, DivaPawnshop acts as the most popular platform and offers the possibility of crediting luxury valuables. In addition to watches and jewelry can also be given here technology and gems in payment. Interest will also be charged on the money provided. The disadvantage here lies mainly in the problem that the valuables pass into the possession of the pawn shop, if the loan can not be paid.

The valuations of valuables are done quickly at DivaPawnshop

Credit intermediaries without Private credit enjoy great popularity. Crediter or MaxCredit offer their customers the opportunity to provide without Private credit query and without entry to the Private credit a loan. The interest depends on the selected period and the amount of the desired loan. As a disadvantage, it can be considered here that partial collateral is required for the loan, so that must be guaranteed by car or other valuables.

All the alternatives mentioned can also be claimed if a Private credit entry exists.

The test winner of P2P intermediaries: the platforms in comparison

The test winner of P2P intermediaries: the platforms in comparison

Private loan without Private credit is a very good way to get money on credit. Platforms like smava and moneyor are ideal for lenders and borrowers who want to lend or borrow money privately to privately. As test winner, moneyor was able to distinguish itself. The platform is very clear and free for borrowers. The speed with the mediation is also positive. The request for the desired amount can be provided completely free of charge. Only the amount as well as the intended purpose are indicated. If there is a private person who wants to support the borrower, then the money is already in the account within a few days. The likelihood of finding a lender here is relatively high. moneyor now has more than 35,000 satisfied credit requests and more than 900,000 members. The average return for the provider is around 6.7 percent and can therefore be described as fair. The personal loan without Private credit information can therefore be fulfilled here within a short time. The advantage is that the personal loan without Private credit does not appear as credit in the Private credit and thus does not affect the credit rating.

Conclusion: Our personal credit test winner is moneyor

Conclusion: Our personal credit test winner is moneyor

A personal loan without Private credit information can be used at moneyor on particularly fair terms and with a short processing period.

The low interest rates of 6.7 percent on average can convince just as much as the fact that private loans via moneyor are not listed in the Private credit.

How fast is an instant loan?

Instant loan sounds like the money immediately falls out of the printer when the application is accepted. However, this is not the case, the process of an instant loan must be divided into three time periods. The speed of part one affects the bank, the speed of part two of the borrowers. How fast it goes in the end, in part three, then depends again on the bank.

Instant confirmation – completely correct

Suppose a consumer seeks an installment loan and wants to have it available as soon as possible. Ideally, this is also an instant loan without Private credit examination. The first step is to use a comparison portal to explore what the terms and conditions of each provider are. After the decision has been made in favor of a provider, the application is now made. In this process, personal data such as birthdays, employment or marriage status are queried, as well as data on the financial situation. These include income, real estate or other assets. Of course, the application process takes place online. Once all necessary information has been collected, the data is transmitted to the intermediary. At this point it is now up to the intermediary how quickly the commitment for the instant loan is made. The nice thing for the prospective borrower is the fact that the data is checked immediately and the loan commitment is made within a few minutes – practically immediately.

Mail must be

Mail must be

After the confirmation comes the part that only the customer can influence. He is now required to send the necessary documents, account statements, salary statements, proof of collateral to the intermediary as part of the PostIdent procedure. Although a VideoIdent process is possible, some documents still need to be in paper form. For both types of identification, a valid identity card or passport with residence permit is mandatory. A driver’s license is not recognized as a legitimation paper. The quicker the documents are with the intermediary, the faster it can check them and compare them with the online information. If all documents are complete and correspond in terms of content to the information provided in the loan request, the loan will be disbursed within 24 hours. This process may qualify the term instant loan a little, but as a borrower you can not complain about the processing time. Especially not if it is a Private credit-free loan, which is not processed directly at the bank, but first through an intermediary and then again over the bank. Classic German branch banks and savings banks often have a harder time here, which means a timely and fast disbursement of the loan.