The bridal outfits that celebrities wear on their wedding day are a huge fashion inspiration for fans. Every detail of their wedding outfits is noticed and sometimes even reproduced. But outside of fashion and style, some celebrities have incorporated secret messages into their attire.

From the representation of heritage to the tribute to emotions, these messages are simply magnificent.

1. The border of the dupatta that Deepika Padukone wore with her outfit was embroidered with the words “Sada Saubhagyavati Bhava”.

The Sanskrit expression translates to:

May you be married forever and avoid the curse of widowhood.

2. The dupatta on the head of Patralekhaa Paul had a Bengali verse embroidered on its border.

It read: আমার পরান ভরা ভালোবাসা আমি তোমায় সমর্পণ করিলাম।, which translates to:

I offer you all my love.

3. Meghan Markle’s 16.5-foot veil was made up of distinctive flora from each of the 53 Commonwealth countries brought together in a spectacular flower arrangement.

According to a statement from Kensington Palace, Meghan Markle had expressed a wish to have the 53 Commonwealth countries with her throughout the ceremony. Its designer Waight Keller made sure that his wish was granted.

4. Priyanka Chopra’s wedding dress was embroidered with eight meaningful messages.

According to People Magazine, Priyanka’s wedding dress had these words and phrases embroidered on it: Nicholas Jerry Jonas (her husband’s full name), December 1, 2018 (their wedding date), Madhu & Ashok (her parents’ names), Om Namah Shivay, Family, Hope, Compassion and Love.

5. When Angeline Jolie married Brad Pitt, her wedding dress had illustrations of their children, like literally how a child would draw.

Source: Bonjour Magazine

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