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To get a quick loan without Private credit information at his house bank is not possible. All banks conduct a comprehensive credit check to make sure that the borrower can actually repay the loan. But what to do if a bill needs to be paid urgently and the car repaired? But there is also the possibility to get a quick loan with a negative Private credit score.

Worth knowing about the best offer

  • Companies like MaxCredit and Crediter offer loans without Private credit
  • The interest rate depends on the creditworthiness of the borrower
  • Lenders are domestic and foreign banks
  • The credit line for Private credit-independent loans is limited

What is a quick loan?

Urgent loans are best used when it comes to covering short-term costs that do not give rise to deferment. For example, if the washing machine breaks down, urgently needs a new one. Quick loans are generally awarded online, as this is the only way to ensure rapid processing. Customers can make the loan application from the comfort of their own home, with a provider of their choice. Usually, in just a few minutes, whether this is granted or not. However, this is only a provisional confirmation. For a full settlement, in most cases, documents must be submitted and the signed contract sent to the lender. If all documents are complete, the loan is outstanding and the provider arranges for an immediate transfer, which can take a few days.

What about a quick loan without Private credit?

Quick loans without Schufa?

Quick loans without Private credit?

Anyone looking for a quick loan without Private credit information must look for alternative providers. As a rule, banks do not lend in such circumstances. Examples of alternative platforms include peer-to-peer providers. These are companies that provide loans between individuals. The best known are auxmoney, Lendico and smava. These marketplaces for private loans promise a quick settlement of the loan application. The credit broker auxmoney is also able to get a loan even with a less good Private credit score because ultimately the private lenders decide which loan project they want to invest in.

For some time, loan seekers have the opportunity, via so-called online pawn shops, such as DivaPawnshop, to pledge valuables in order to get a loan. The platform estimates the value of the item and makes an offer to the customer. If the customer accepts this, the valuables will be collected and remain with the pawn shop until the owner has paid off the loan in full. These platforms waive both a credit check and a proof of income, as the pledged asset serves as a security.

Crediter and MaxCredit offer loans without Private credit

 Platforms that specialize in the granting of small loans, also allow a speedy processing and credit of the loan. Providers such as Neofunding and ExpressCredit offer loans in manageable dimensions and short maturities. While Neofunding, for example, does not directly qualify for a quick loan without Private credit, it does indicate that even if the Private credit rating is poor, credit opportunities exist. The provider creates his own risk certificate, which should convince the partner banks of the creditworthiness of the customer.

Some providers expressly point out that even without Private credit, they can lend out short-term loans. The best known are probably MaxCredit and Crediter. With these platforms, customers who have already been rejected by banks due to insufficient creditworthiness can get a chance at a loan. The conditions for granting a loan include the age of majority of the borrower, a residence in Germany and a regular income. Credit intermediaries work closely with lenders not only domestically but also abroad, significantly increasing the chances of a loan. The amount of the sum that customers can receive in a quick loan without Private credit information, are usually limited. For MaxCredit, for example, the maximum height is 7,500 euros. The interest rate depends on the creditworthiness of the borrower. The worse this is, the higher the annual percentage rate.

Our conclusion: Even loans without Private credit possible

Getting a quick loan without Private credit is not necessarily easy. However, some providers, such as MaxCredit and Crediter refrain from a Private credit query and usually grant a loan to customers with a bad Private credit value.

However, it should be noted that the lower the credit quality and the credit limit is very limited, the interest rate is higher.